Wednesday, 1 December 2010

So ..... I've been trying to figure where to go with all this information.  It's frustrating because I'm having information overload and can't get the down on paper quick enough. 

In between making notes, I've been tracing the Haughton family tree too.  Very interesting but also very peculiar.  It seems my family at that time were all quite talented.  There was Wilfred the artist/cartoonist and Albert the engineer along with a sister and yet another brother that no one knows about but apparently he was a photographer!  I have so much to check out!  I can't keep up!

Last night I decided to go visit a neighbour.  A very interesting lady called Liz.  She has been a teacher, a journalist and is an author.  She is amazing!  Liz, being the star that she is, sort of put things back into perspective for me.  We talked for about an hour and I came home feeling like I could once again do this book. Thank you Liz!

This morning I decided to have a look online and found that Michael Barrier had given Wilfred and myself a mention on his web page.  I am very grateful to him for listening and deciding to help.

After alot of thinking and slothing it on the sofa I decided to go into town.  On the recommendation of Liz, I visited an antique store.  I found a very interesting man there who is willing to help me find some of Wilfreds work.  I'm looking forward to going back there.

So, in a nutshell, I haven't really gone far with this, but I do seem to have an enormous amount of information that I need to delve through.  The things is that just as I've sorted some, even more arrives!  Crazy!  Hence the information overload!

Well, I suppose it's time to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and starting writing!

Be back soon!


  1. Denise,

    Please email me at I have the information you have been looking for about Wilfred Houghton (and more).


  2. Please e-mail me too, at ramapith [at]
    I wrote an article on Haughton with Didier, and have discovered more information since that time!