Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Quiet Day!

So, having been awake most of the night, I finally managed to turn off the laptop. Not for long though. I was walking to Tesco when I decided to see if I could contact Walt Disney Corporation and get in contact with their archivist. Within an hour of turning the damned thing off, I was back on it!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get in contact with a place like Disney?

I flippin' did it though! I got an email address and a postal address. Email sent. Now awaiting reply! In fact I sent a few emails to various departments hoping to get something from them!

I also managed to speak to my Mother today. She says I may have met Great Uncle Wilfred when I was a baby. She can't remember much about it but does remember him coming over to the UK for a visit.

All in all a quiet day but also a productive one. It's the waiting thats killing me! No patience! Nevermind. One day I'll look back on all this and laugh!

Well, thats it for now. As soon as I get anything I will note it on here.

Goodnight world.

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